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Kangchenjunga Diary
Author: Madabhushi Madan Gopal

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Publisher : Pilgrims Publishing
Edition : 1
Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789350760000
Binding : Paper Bind
No of pages : 220
Size : 1/8 Demy Size
ISBN : 9789350760000
Code : 186046

The author Madabhushi Madan Gopal starts with a very interesting but little known fact about the Himalayas; how its magnetic power has even the Bay of Bengal surging towards it twice a day. It is as if he finally found an explanation for his fondness for the great snowy ranges.

‘Kangchenjunga Diary’ is written in a simple, flowing, conversational style giving exquisite details of the journey with his group that he fondly refers to as ‘the dirty dozen’; every little town they visited, little interesting conversations he had with the locals and fellow trekkers, the challenges faced due to sudden and extreme weather conditions, interspersed with interesting and sometimes funny dreams he had. While a regular reader is captivated by the graphic story telling, an avid trekker can use it as a guide to traverse through the mother of all treks, as many call the trek to Kangchenjunga. The author also gives us valuable insights into the friendly, hospitable nature of the Nepali people. Altogether the book is interesting and insightful and makes a good read.

Madabhushi Madan Gopal is a bureaucrat from the Indian Administrative Service, working in the government for the past 29 years. As a young lad of 19 he was drawn to Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1974. In his spiritual quest, he interacted with remarkable personalities like Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Osho Rajaneesh and Nisargadatta Maharaj.

His deep attraction towards, the Himalayas started with a spiritual journey to Sri Amarnath Cave in 2002 and continued with the Kailas Mansaroval yatra; trekking and travelling through Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Nepal and Bhutan, the little spark inside turned into fire. He has a deep and eternal spiritual connection to Sri Arunachala and Sri Ramana Maharshi at Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu.

A voracious reader, ardent traveller, connoisseur of hindustani classical and vintage hindi film music, admirer of pluralistic and vibrant cultures of the world, he live with his wife and travel com-panion, a daughter and a son, in Bangalore, Karnat-aka, India. This is his first attempt at publishing his work.

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