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101 New Science Experiments
Author: Ivar Utial

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Publisher : Pustak Mahal
Edition : 5
Year : 2015
ISBN : 9788122309508
Binding : Paper Bind
No of pages : 116
Size : 1/4 Crown Size
ISBN : 9788122309508
Code : 190114

Science is not something mysterious. Being scientific involves being curious, observing, asking how thing happen, and learning how to find the answers. Curiosity is natural to children, but they need help understanding how to make sense of what they see.
This book provides examples of the many simple activities children can do. It might even inspire them to make up their own experiments to see why and how things turn out the way they do.
We can use this book to have fun with our children while they learn, and see how they enjoy the wonderful world of science.

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