ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2024, Date, Time, Venue Details

The Twenty20 World Cup schedule for 2024 has been announced by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The Twenty20 World Cup 2024, which will begin on June 1, 2024, has cricket fans all around the globe pumped up. This highly anticipated cricket tournament of 2024 will feature twenty teams representing various nations. The Twenty20 World Cup 2024 will have a grand total of fifty-five matches. The Twenty20 World Cup 2024 matches are something that cricket fans are anxiously anticipating, and they would also like to know the full World Cup schedule.

So, if you were similarly on the fence about the Twenty20 World Cup, you should go no further than this post, where we lay out all the information you need. Everyone who loves cricket will be able to stay up-to-date with all the latest news about the Twenty20 World Cup 2024 thanks to the information we’ve provided in this article, which includes the schedule, full list of teams, groups, ICC format, venues, and more.

ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2024

On June 1, 2024, the Twenty20 World Cup will kick off. The United States and the West Indies will be hosting the Twenty20 World Cup this year. The ICC World Cup will feature twenty different national teams. There will be a grand total of 55 matches played over the whole Twenty20 World Cup in 2024.

ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2024

On June 1, 2024, the Twenty20 World Cup Series will go off, with the last match set for June 29, 2024.

Keep reading this article to get all the information you need about the Twenty20 World Cup 2024 Full Schedule, including when the matches are scheduled, which teams will play each other, how many matches will be played on each day, and details about the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

T20 World Cup Schedule 2024 Overview Table

Name of the eventICC T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule
Organised byInternational Cricket Council ICC
T20 World Cup hosting countryUnited States of America and West Indies
Total teams participating in T20 World Cup 202420 teams
Total matches in T20 World Cup 202455 matches
T20 World Cup 2024 Starting Date1 June 2024
T20 World Cup 2024 Final Match29 June 2024
Official Websitewww.icc-cricket.com

T20 World Cup 2024 Full list of teams

As we mentioned above, a total of 20 cricket teams from different nations are participating in the T20 World Cup 2024 series. Let’s have a look at the T20 World Cup 2024 Full list of teams and know about it briefly.

  1. India
  2. Ireland
  3. Namibia
  4. Nepal
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Australia
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Canada
  9. England
  10. The Netherlands
  11. New Zealand
  12. Oman
  13. Papua New Guinea (PNG)
  14. Scotland
  15. South Africa
  16. Sri Lanka
  17. Uganda
  18. United States of America (USA)
  19. West Indies
  20. Pakistan

T20 World Cup 2024 Groups

T20 World Cup 2024 teams are divided in four groups namely, Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. Each group has five teams in it and the T20 World Cup 2024 Groups are classified as the following.


  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • USA


  • England
  • Australia
  • Namibia
  • Scotland
  • Oman


  • New Zealand
  • West Indies
  • Afghanistan
  • Uganda
  • Papua New Guinea (PNG)


  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Netherlands
  • Nepal

T20 World Cup 2024 Full Schedule

The full 2024 ICC Twenty20 World Cup schedule is provided below. The following schedule details when each cricket match in this series will take place. The ICC has scheduled all of the matches for the Twenty20 World Cup 2024 according to the schedule that is provided in the table below.

USA vs CANADASun Jun 2, 2024Dallas
NAMIBIA vs OMANMon Jun 3, 2024Barbados
SRI LANKA vs SOUTH AFRICAMon Jun 3, 2024New York
AFGHANISTAN vs UGANDATue Jun 4, 2024Guyana
ENGLAND vs SCOTLANDTue Jun 4, 2024Barbados
NETHERLANDS vs NEPALTue Jun 4, 2024Dallas
INDIA vs IRELANDWed Jun 5, 2024New York
PAPUA NEW GUINEA vs UGANDAThur Jun 6, 2024Guyana
AUSTRALIA vs OMANThur Jun 6, 2024Barbados
USA vs PAKISTANThur Jun 6, 2024Dallas
NAMIBIA vs SCOTLANDFri Jun 7, 2024Barbados
CANADA vs IRELANDFri Jun 7, 2024New York
SRI LANKA vs BANGLADESHSat Jun 8, 2024Dallas
AUSTRALIA vs ENGLANDSat Jun 8, 2024Barbados
WEST INDIES vs UGANDASun Jun 9, 2024Guyana
INDIA vs PAKISTANSun Jun 9, 2024New York
OMAN vs SCOTLANDSun Jun 9, 2024Antigua
SOUTH AFRICA vs BANGLADESHMon Jun 10, 2024New York
PAKISTAN vs CANADATue Jun 11, 2024New York
SRI LANKA vs NEPALWed Jun 12, 2024Florida
AUSTRALIA vs NAMIBIAWed Jun 12, 2024Antigua
USA vs INDIAWed Jun 12, 2024New York
WEST INDIES vs NEW ZEALANDThur Jun 13, 2024Trinidad and Tobago
BANGLADESH vs NETHERLANDSThur Jun 13, 2024St Vincent
ENGLAND vs OMANFri Jun 14, 2024Antigua
AFGHANISTAN vs PAPUA NEW GUINEAFri Jun 14, 2024Trinidad and Tobago
USA vs IRELANDFri Jun 14, 2024Florida
SOUTH AFRICA vs NEPALSat Jun 15, 2024St Vincent
NEW ZEALAND vs UGANDASat Jun 15, 2024Trinidad and Tobago
INDIA vs CANADASat Jun 15, 2024Florida
NAMIBIA vs ENGLANDSat Jun 15, 2024Antigua
AUSTRALIA vs SCOTLANDSun Jun 16, 2024St Lucia
PAKISTAN vs IRELANDSun Jun 16, 2024Florida
BANGLADESH vs NEPALMon Jun 17, 2024St Vincent
SRI LANKA vs NETHERLANDSMon Jun 17, 2024St Lucia
NEW ZEALAND vs PAPUA NEW GUINEAMon Jun 17, 2024Trinidad and Tobago
WEST INDIES vs AFGHANISTANTue Jun 18, 2024St Lucia
A2 vs D1Wed Jun 19, 2024Antigua
B1 vs C2Thur Jun 20, 2024St Lucia
C1 vs A1Thur Jun 20, 2024Barbados
B2 vs D2Fri Jun 21, 2024Antigua
B1 vs D1Fri Jun 21, 2024St Lucia
A2 vs C2Sat Jun 22, 2024Barbados
A1 vs D2Sat Jun 22, 2024Antigua
C1 vs B2Sun Jun 23, 2024St Vincent
A2 vs B1Sun Jun 23, 2024Barbados
C2 vs D1Mon Jun 24, 2024Antigua
B2 vs A1Mon Jun 24, 2024St Lucia
C1 vs D2Tue Jun 25, 2024St Vincent
T.B.C. vs T.B.CThur Jun 27, 2024Trinidad and Tobago
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Thur Jun 27, 2024Guyana
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Sat Jun 29, 2024Barbados

T20 World Cup 2024 Venues

All 55 matches of the Twenty20 World Cup 2024 series will take place in the United States and the West Indies, as is well known. Six cricket stadiums in the West Indies and three in the United States will play home to the matches. Here are the locations of the Twenty20 World Cup 2024 matches.

West Indies

  1. Kensington Oval, Barbados
  2. Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Trinidad
  3. Providence Stadium, Guyana
  4. Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua
  5. Darren Sammy Cricket Ground, St Lucia
  6. Arnos Vale Stadium, St Vincent

United States of America (USA)

  1. Eisenhower Park, New York
  2. Lauderhill, Florida
  3. Grand Prairie, Texas

How to watch ICC T20 World Cup 2024 on TV and Mobile

Star Sports Network will be carrying all of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2024 live matches if you are searching for a method to watch them on TV or your mobile device. Disney Plus Hotstar is another option; it will debut the free live streaming of the T20 World Cup matches.


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