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Manu in Kishkindha
Author: Prabhaker Acharya

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Publisher : Dhatri Publications
Edition : 1
Year : 2015
ISBN : 97893851960140
Binding : Paper Bind
No of pages : 280
Size : 1/8 Demy Size
ISBN : 97893851960140
Code : 189236

Manu, an eleven-year-old boy, falls off a cliff while on a visit to Matheran. He falls through time and lands in a valley near Kishkindha, the capital city of vanaras, the great monkeys, at the time of The Ramayana. The vanaras befriend Manu. He lives with them and learns archery. When he blinds a one-eyed demon and saves a princess, and later, with his friend, rescues her mother from a kirata, Manu becomes a celebrity in Kishkindha. The monkey kids adore him and he teaches them cricket. These stories are deftly woven in the novel with episodes from The Ramayana, creating a world where the mythical and the contemporary merge.

Stories from The Ramayana, including Rama’s adventures in the forest of Dandaka, come as vivid eye-witness accounts. When Hanuman is telling Rama the fascinating story of how he leaped across the sea and reached Lanka, found Sita there, killed many demons and burnt that City down, Manu is present on Mount Prasravana, sitting at Rama’s feet, listening spell-bound.

But Manu in Kishkindha is not just Ramayana retold, or an absorbing story of unusual adventures. It is a novel that creates a world readers of all ages can enter. It is a world of humans, ranging from royal personages to poor jungle boys. It is also the world of gods, rakshasas, vanaras, gandharvas and charanas - supernatural beings who make Indian mythology so fascinating.

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