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For over six decades since its establishment in 1960, Navakarnataka Publications has been dedicated to fostering a vibrant book culture through the publication and distribution of a diverse range of titles. Our mission, “Service to Mankind through Books,” underscores our commitment to enriching lives through literature.

Navakarnataka has set exemplary standards in the realm of book publishing and dissemination. Through book exhibitions, cultural events, and innovative sales promotions, we strive to connect with readers from all walks of life, primarily within Karnataka. With over 6000 titles published, predominantly in Kannada and approximately 400 in English, we cater to a broad readership. Many of our titles have enjoyed multiple reprints, attesting to their widespread appeal. Our efforts have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards.

Operating sales outlets in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, and Kalaburgi, Navakarnataka ensures convenient access to our publications. In addition to printed editions, we are committed to expanding our reach through e-books and audiobooks. Renowned for our extensive collection of Kannada literature from various publishers and authors, Navakarnataka is synonymous with quality and service excellence in the realm of book publishing.

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